Gabriela Josefina Bertolino entered into the professional translation service in 1998 and over the years she has developed her professionalism and competence in various services.

The intention of this translation service is to respond rapidly and efficiently to each type of request, putting the customer first, and responding to their requirements in the shortest possible time.

Legal Translations

To understand a document in a legal language, written by a foreign lawyer within a different legal system, often brings great difficulties. To assist you in these activities, Traduttore Ufficiale offers translation services for the following: self-certified translations, certified translations, contracts, corporate statutes, notarial documents, insurance expertise, judgments, regulations and standards, control standards, International adoption and more.

Self-certified Translation
It is a legally recognised translation signed by the translator, who certifies the veracity and validity as the original document. This certification must be translated by an expert translator.

Certified Translation
Gabriela Josefina Bertolino and the members of her team are official translators (registered in the Translators and Interpreters rolls), who also provide translations with the utmost authenticity; they are entitled to “swear” the translated documents in the Chancelleries of the Italian courts. The translation, written in “legal” format, will be presented by the translator with the original document and the copies that the client wants to be made official. The Sworn Translator is responsible for the translation produced, and “swears” that it really corresponds to the original document. To the translation will be applied – every 4 pages – the necessary stamp taxes. If the translation should go abroad, it will require “Legalization” (Postscript Hague) and the document will be delivered with the necessary “Swearing and legalisation”.

The data contained in the received documents for translation shall be prepared and filed carefully and will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Technical, editorial, commercial, websites translations

Technical translation is a job for professionals. The translations that require the skill of a technical translation are: user manuals, illustrations for product brochures, newsletter of the companies, the feasibility studies, business cards, catalogues, and more.

The editorial translation service is performed with the external supply of editorial specialists and proof-readers. For newspaper articles and publications (books, essays, biographies), we translate respecting the author’s prose. Rounding out the service, in addition to translation, the proofreading is completed for publication.

They help you to offer products and services in foreign trade with clear and direct accompanying documents, making the translation of commercial texts: illustrative brochures, business letters, promotional materials, e-mail. This work is performed in a short time and with maximum confidentiality for our customers.

To increase the number of customers and have greater visibility it is really important to translate the website in the widely used global languages. A website is a key advertising support, and a means to publicise your business, introducing your catalogue, taking orders, communicating with customers.

Translations and Assistance for validating academic qualifications in Italy and abroad

Technical and legally recognised translation of documents and certificates are required to validate academic qualifications at all levels in Italy and abroad.

Gabriela Josefina Bertolino has experience in validating the academic qualifications. He has also gained experience in validating the Italian academic “Law” title in Spain. the services offered are: translation of documents to be enclosed to the request; assistance to fill the forms of request and payment of taxes; to search Spanish universities where the examinations were carried out to validate the title of “Law”; contacting qualified personnel to prepare the subjects for validation; when you will obtain the validated diploma, we will translate the certificate of validation to be registered in the Lawyers’ rolls in Italy.

Document translation and Interpreter

Legally recognised translation of documents and certificates required to be transcript in the City Halls, Courts, Public and Private Corporations, Individuals.

Experience in translating legal documents to be registered in Italian territory or abroad. In addition, the qualified staff can support you as interpreters during official and unofficial public events, as: hearings in the courts, marriage ceremonies with foreign citizens, etc..

Translation into other languages

Gabriela Josefina Bertolino specialises in translating documents in Spanish and English languages, and she provides customer service translation in other languages: French, German, Portuguese, etc.. Her staff is composed of only mother tongue translators and interpreters. For each request, contact the appropriate translator to meet your customers requirements. She can also provide translators of minor languages.